• Do any of your radios have NOAA Weather Channels?

    None of our current radios offer NOAA Weather Channels. We are considering offering this in the future, so be sure to check back in a few months.Â

  • SR-25MC Owners Manual

    You can download the SR-25MC user manual by click here.

  • Does the Stryker SR-955 HPC transmit a CTCSS tone to access repeaters?

    Yes, the SR-955HPC will be work with 10-meter repeaters. We offer a CTCSS board on our website that you can add to the radio. Installing it is just a matter of plugging in one jumper.

  • SR-447HPC2 Manual

    The owners manual for the SR-447HPC2 is available for download here

  • Repeater Offset?

    The SR-94HPC does have the offset feature for repeater use.

  • How to request an RMA for Warranty Repair

    The first step is loading the RMA request page, repairs.radiosstryker.000webhostapp.com

    If you have never sent something back for repair, you will need to create a new account.


    You will then be taken to the “Create an Account” page, where you will enter the requested information such as your name, address, phone number and email address.



    After submitting your information, you will be taken back to the main repair page. Like the picture below shows, click on “Submit a Request for RMA”.


    On the following page, select the product that you are sending back for repair.



    After selecting the product, a page will load asking for details about the item and the reason for returning it. When you have completed this, click submit and wait to receive an email from us with further instructions.Â



  • Radio in Key Locked mode unable to turn off or change radio settings

    Key lock: Hold [PUSH] key, LCD displays Key Lock, All keys except [PTT] key are locked. Hold [PUSH] key again to unlock the key.

  • Where is the PA Jack?

    The CW jack on the back of the radio is used for the PA Speaker.

  • Setting the RF Gain

    The RF Gain on the SR-94HPC is setup backward from what most people would assume. When you increase the number setting for RF Gain, you are decreasing the receiver sensitivity. Set it at the lowest setting possible for maximum receiver sensitivity.

  • How can I turn on the Roger beep?

    Unfortunately, the only way to turn the roger beep on is via the PC software. We are working on a firmware update that will allow you to do it from the front panel.

  • Will the SR-94HPC retain settings when disconnected from power?

    Yes, the SR-94HPC will retain all settings even if it’s disconnected from power.

  • SR-447HPC2 Setup Guide


    1. Band Selector Set to D
    2. RF Power Set 12 O’clock
    3. Talkback Set to 11 O’clock
    4. Mode Set to AM
    5. ANL & Noise Blanker Set to NB+
    6. Color and Dimmer Set to middle position
    7. Volume Control – Set to comfortable level
    8. Squelch – Start with it all the way to the left
    9. Mic Gain – Set all the way to the right
    10. RF Gain – Set all the way to the right
    11. Echo Volume – With the talkback turned on, set to the desired level
    12. Echo Timing – With the talkback turned on, set to the desired level


  • SR-447HPC / SR-497HPC Setup Guide



    1 LED Channel Display

    2 Channel Selector

    3 Dimmer Switch

    4 Noise Blanker & ANL Set to NB+

    5 Roger Beep Set to the off position

    6 AM/FM & PA (Mode)

    7 Band Selector set Band D

    8 RF Power Output Control Turn to 12 O’clock

    9 Monitor (Talkback) set at 11 O’clock

    10 Signal Strength Meter

    11 +10Khz Button This should be off

    12 Echo Volume Front Knob Set 9 O’clock

    13 Echo Delay Back Knob Set 12 O’clock

    14 Mike Gain (Mod) Turn all the way to the right

    15 RF Gain Turn all the way to the right

    16 On/Off Volume Control

    17 Squelch Control Start with it all the way to the leftÂ

    18 Microphone Connector

    19 AWI Flasher






  • What is the difference between a sr 955hpc and a sr955hp?

    People sometimes have referred to the SR-955HPC as HP, but there has only been one model, the HPC. If it’s a 955, it’s an HPC.

  • What’s better, the SR-5K or the SR-A10 Magnetic Mount?

    The SR-A10 Magnetic Mount is much better in terms of performance. I’ve personally seen them tested against each other and the A10 Magnetic Mount was the clear winner.Â

  • What are the dimensions of the SR-440HP or SR-490HP?

    The SR-440HP & SR-490HP dimensions are; 2-3/8” (H) x 7-7/8” (W) x 9-1/4” (D)

  • SR-955HPC No Computer Software Included

    The software for the SR-955HPC can be downloaded from our website. We do not include a software disk with new radios. http://www.strykerradios.net/software-dowloads-10-meter-radio/


  • Is The Stryker 655 CB Radio Capable?

    No, the SR-655HPC is a 10 meter radio and thus does not work on CB Channels.

  • What are the dimensions of the 655 & 955?
    • Length  11 1/8″ (from the heatsink to bezel) Â
    • Length 12 1/8″ (from heatsink to the control knobs) Â
    • Width 8″Â
    •  Height 2 3/8″ Â
    • Weight: 7lbs
  • Radio for my Truck

    The SR-497HPC would be a very good radio, to go with. As long as you have the space to mount a full-size radio, it’s a very good choice. You would not have to go directly to the battery with so you could easily utilize the factory power connections.


    Given the limited mounting space in the new trucks, I would also recommend the SR-447HPC2. The size of the radio is about the same as a Cobra 25, so it will fit in ANY TRUCK! They are also really well built, have good loud modulation and power after tuning can be 75-80 watts.



  • What are the A B C D E used for?

    What you are seeing is the various band bands that are usually referred to as a letter or sometimes a number. Each band contains 40 channels with each channel being on a different frequency. The channels are typically spaced by 10kHz or more. Bands make going to another frequency easy because you only have to remember the channel rather than the entire frequency. In our SR-955HPC for example, there is also a mode called VFO. This mode, allows you to go to any frequency you would like with a zero spacing. It gives you many more options but also can make it things more complicated If you don’t know what frequency you need to use. That is where channels can be very convenient.

  • Minimum power wire size? 8 or 10 ga?

    10 gauge wire is sufficient for any of our radios.Â

  • Does the SR-955HPC have a “PA mode”. If yes, where is the switch or button?

    The mode switch allows you to select the PA option.

  • Does the SR-655HPC have upper & lower sideband?

    The SR-955HPC is currently our only radio with side band. While the SR-655HPC has AM/FM, it does not have SSB.

  • Radio Displays E2 Error Code

    An E2 error indicates a voltage issue. Check the supply voltage to the radio with a multimeter. Do not set the max voltage protection in the programming software below 16 volts.

  • What are the dimensions of the SR-447HPC2?

    (W) 6.2 (H) 1.9 (D) 9.7 including protruding parts on depth to include knobs on the front panel. It’s the same size as a Cobra 25LTD.

  • I have a 655hp, how do I get to bands F-L?

    You will need to go into the function menu and then find GRO: This allows you to select what bands are available using the

    band selector knob. The first option is A-E and the second is F-L.

  • Installation instructions for the CTCSS Board

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â How to add CTCSS in SR-94HPC

    1.  Remove R254/R255 as show in the photo:


    2. Â Remove this 2 screws but keep them for next steps


    3. Install 2 copper pillar:


    4. Insert the CTCSS Plug



    5. Screw into the copper pillar:



  • In what country is the SR-955HPC Manufactured?

    The SR-955HPC is manufactured in China.

  • How long of microphone cord does the SR-94HPC radio have?

    Without stretching the cord, it’s about 28 inches, but it will easily stretch to over 60 inches. The microphone cord is very pliable, so even in cold climates, it extends easily. You can always extend the length of the cord with a coupler if needed.

cb antenna
SR-A10 Lighted Trucker Antenna

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This is only test stryker